How Do Kids Learn and Remember? #motivationMonday

A conversation with Andrew Stadel on episode 86 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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How do kids learn and remember? Teacher Andrew Stadel, @mr_stadel founder of the popular site, talks about this pursuit of learning in the classroom. This topic is his summer research topic. As you plan your summer and ponder the classroom, look at what you’ll research this summer.

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In today’s show, Andrew Stadel talks about his look into learning:

  • Two books Andrew is reading this summer
  • How Andrew picked his topic to study this summer
  • What he’s learned so far about what we remember
  • What does work in the classroom
  • A pep talk about why we show up every day

I hope you enjoy this episode with Andrew Stadel!

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Full Bio As Submitted

Andrew StadelAndrew Stadel

Andrew Stadel is a Digital Learning Coach for Tustin Unified School District in California, working with secondary math teachers to use and implement technology in meaningful ways to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics. Andrew is the creator of Estimation 180,, a website designed to provide students and teachers with daily challenges to help improve their number sense.

Transcript for this episode

To be posted as soon as it is available. Check back soon!

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