Pi Day

March 14th is almost here !

Celebrate π in your school and in your math class with activities that demonstrate how π was derived; visually show why π makes sense; show a surprising place where π is used; increase students ability to measure and long divide; applauds the talent of people who can memorize large strings of numbers; and lets students just have fun.

The Activity: π-day.pdf

For members we have a Word doc that can be modified and solutions.

π-day.doc      π-day-solutions.pdf      CCSS: 7.G.4, 8.NS.1, G-C.2


Let students practice long division and order of operations as they use their calculators to evaluate different formulas for approximating pi and calculate the accuracy of those results.

The Activity: Approximations-Pi.pdf

For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions.

Approximations-Pi.doc        Approximations-Pi-solutions.pdf     CCSS: 7.G.4

GeoGebra has a great demo to show that the area of a circle can be shown as any number of pie slices rearranged into a parallelogram.   The GeoGebraTube Area of Circles applet was created by Anthony Or, Education Bureau, Hong Kong.  Brian made a video to show you how to use the GeoGebra applet or to simply show your math class.

You might also consider some of these timeless yummymath tasks that let students apply pi such as:

Largest coffee cup ever Largest Cup of Coffee Ever! Is this possible?Is this possible? MonsterCakeMonster Cake red-gold-angry-birdMacy’s Thanksgiving Day parade
sbarro_2dollar_pizza new Pizza deals Which has the most? Penny Wars – which has the most? David Sloan, Marky PiersonHuge Key Lime pie gumball-machineGumballs galore

from Yummy Math http://www.yummymath.com/2016/pi-day/


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