Incredible FREE PD! K12Online Conference 2015

Connected Educator Month!

The K12Online Conference 2015 is a fantastic resource. You’ve got another week to experience it LIVE. Even afterwards, all of the work is still there. You don’t want to miss out! Join in!

K12Online Conference 2015

K12Online is never really over … it’s all online and archived. If you look really hard, you might even find one about integrating on a shoestring…..

K12Online Conference 2015 Keynotes

The 2015 keynote speakers include Don Wettrick @DonWettrick, Alan Levine @cogdog, Stephanie Chang @MakerEdOrg, Scott McLeod @mcleod, and Karen Bosch @karlyb.

The K12Online 2015 Conference Schedule

The full lineup of presentations and presenters is available on the 2015 Schedule.

There is an entire week yet of presentations, but all the presentations from every year are archived – just navigate to The Main Site and look across the top … each year the conference has been held is listed.

Also remember all video presentations are available in iPad / iPhone / iPod touch compatible format in the iTunesU Portal

Connecting with K12Online Conference

Conference hashtag #k12online15

The K12Online conference organizers 2015 deserve a big shout out for helping create such an incredible resource for educators around the world. A big thank you to:

I appreciate also Lisa Durff’s work with the K12 Online Conference 2015. (Lisa helps me in amazing ways while still finishing up her PhD!)

I hope that all of you out there will use these resources and get started with your learning. You can get started with my friend Don Wettrick’s keynote and just keep going!

As anyone who has presented at the K12Online Conference will know, these presentations take SO MUCH WORK. Creating video isn’t easy. (I know that some of  my past presos  took days to make!)

Thank you to all of the volunteers, organizers, speakers, and attendees. K12Online is awesome! I learn so much all year long from them!

Vicki Davis

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